Services and Parts

Las Colinas Company has been serving thousands of satisfied customers since 1994. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and our consistent rates.

Our team of plumbers are courteous and highly trained. Our operations are insured and our team is fully licensed.

As needed, Las Colinas provides an on-call rooter service, at $125 per hour. Our clients enjoy discounts including no after-hour, holiday or travel surcharges.

Hydro-jetting preserves the integrity of your drain lines by using high velocity water to dislodge grease, dirt, scale and debris from pipes. Hydro-jetting breaks through tough blockages while also scouring the full diameter of the pipe, restoring the water flow to its full capacity. Let the professionals at Las Colinas Company maintain your drain lines. Regular maintenance will keep the lines free and functioning properly, minimizing blockages that could result in line breakage, costly repairs and site closures.

Rooter Service
We know that the last thing you want to worry about is plumbing problems. With our 24 hour Rooter Service we can get your plumbing back up and running quickly; avoiding any costly downtime. All of our vehicles are equipped to handle all sorts of clogs and blockages from grease to foreign particles. We can identify and correct the problem fast!

Sewer Odor Leak Detection
Our highly-trained and certified plumbers use a system which forces non-toxic smoke through vent systems under slight pressure to detect foul odor leaks in your drain and sewer line. Any sign of smoke escaping can be considered a possible site for sewer gas to escape. This testing helps minimize costly repairs.

Video Drain Lines
Using a fiber optic video camera snaked through the line, our commercial plumbing technicians can conduct a complete visual line inspection, evaluate the condition of your pipes and locate obstacles, breakage, cracks or root invasion. This inspection can even be recorded so you and your plumber can review the problem together and determine the best approach to your sewer line repair.

Pressure Wash Program
Las Colinas provides pressure cleaning services specifically designed for restaurants, hotels and retailers. Our pressure wash technicians meticulously treat and clean exterior and interior surfaces, giving your business a clean and competitive edge.

Las Colinas can provide a monthly pressure wash maintenance of sidewalks, trash enclosures, building facades, balconies, awnings, windows, pool decks and receiving bays.

We use waste water recovery systems and professional grade environmentally friendly products to keep in compliance with The Clean Water Act and other EPA regulations.

Las Colinas works closely with each business owner and/or location manager to tailor schedules to minimize impact on customer traffic and operations. Our team works day, night, and weekend shifts.

Emergency Plumbing Problems?
Las Colinas Never Charges Trip, Truck or Overtime Rates!
We know how crucial it is to service your plumbing and drainage needs in both a timely and professional manner. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day.

Las Colinas Company has been serving thousands of satisfied customers since 1994. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and our competitive rates. Our skilled teams of plumbers are courteous and will leave work areas clean.

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